The Cambodian Centre for Applied Philosophy and Ethics (CAMCAPE) is an independent non-political and non-profit organization, which has been established by a group of Cambodian scholars and registered with the Ministry of Interior of Cambodia on 19th June 2007. CAMCAPE is an educational, researching, advocating and consulting organization which functions as a “Think Tank” to bring essential philosophical reflection and ethical thoughts to many areas of Cambodia’s socio-economic and spiritual development.


The Cambodian Centre for Applied Philosophy and Ethics envisions a just, peaceful and sustainable society in which people live with full dignity and wisdom.


The Cambodian Centre for Applied Philosophy and Ethics’ mission is to promote research, study, public dialogue and practices of philosophy, ethics and culture of peace in Cambodia so that people, especially all Cambodians, are capable to challengingly play a critical and ethical role in shaping our society.


The goal of CAMCAPE is to promote the value and use of philosophy and ethics in order to promote the social and humanitarian values, which are critical to achieving harmonious living and sustainable development.


(1) To promote the study of philosophy and ethics both in theory and practice in Cambodian society; to help to solve post-conflict issues and to restore the authentic values and ways of life of the Cambodian people;

(2) To raise public awareness especially among youth to recognize the values of philosophy and ethics in dealing with critical life issues in the changing world;

(3) To promote corporate responsibility, freedom, peace, dialogue, social justice, democracy and a sense of living in a moral community in the minds and actions of the people;

(4) To share knowledge, skill and good attitudes with the public, especially with young people in order for them to examine their lives and their ways of thinking in a positive and creative manner; and

(5) To form critical and creative thinkers and leaders in an evolving democratic and globalized society.


  1. Produce and distribute books, audio and video tapes, pamphlets, educational films and documentaries on philosophy and ethics;
  2. Publish and disseminate commentaries and articles regularly, on the current and contemporary social issues through both print and electronic media by using philosophy and ethics as a tool;
  3. Hold talks, training, workshops, symposiums, public forums, conferences directed at specific target groups and the general public in order to show the importance of applying principles of philosophy and ethics in dealing with social issues in our changing world. The emphasis will be upon young people;
  4. Establish a strong network comprising members; friends and supporters throughout the country in order raise the public awareness about the values and significance of philosophy, ethics and their application to the real issues of the everyday living; and
  5. Cooperate actively with other organizations, which are committed to similar objectives in Cambodia and different parts of the world.